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Alyssa Berkovitz owns a 3-year-old Great Dane called Kernel. Kernel, or Kernie, is a one hundred sixty-pound dog who loves hanging out with Alyssa’s 92-year-old grandmother.

Kernel gets excited every time Alyssa asks her dog if he wants to visit her Great Nana. Kernel instantly freaks out the second he hears Nana’s name.

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After the long, gruesome death of my beloved mom when I was 16, I had just about had it with life. I still face the wrath of PTSD every day, but it’s different because now I have Kernel and he is my service dog. Not only does Kernel help me, he helps others too. He’s done therapy dog work in hospitals, schools, etc., but some of his most important work is helping me care for my mom’s mom, Kernel’s Great-Nana. Watching their interactions has felt healing to me, as nana reminds me so very much of my mom. I am touched that their relationship is spreading joy and grateful for this special gift @thedodo has given me to cherish forever! Love, Alyssa (and of course, Kernel) ❤️

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Kernel would tilt his head at Alyssa’s question as if trying to comprehend what his human is saying. Kernel would run around the house in sheer excitement as soon as he realizes that they are going to visit his favorite person in the whole world.

The Great Dane loves visiting Great Nana because he always gets attention, kisses, and doggy treats from her. Kernel would automatically put his head out of the car’s window and whine until they reach Great Nana’s house.

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Alyssa said that each time she opens her car, Kernel quickly goes out of the vehicle and head straight to Great Nana’s door. Kernel starts his day with Great Nana by showering her with kisses and covering her in drool.

Every time Alyssa and Kernel visit, Alyssa would always her Great Nana if she needs a towel to wipe Kernel’s drool. Alyssa said that it is how they say hello to one another.

Alyssa and Kernel always visit her Great Nana on Sunday mornings to eat some delicious brunch and coffee. Alyssa said that her Great Nana always greets Kernel with enthusiasm.

Alyssa is happy because her dog and Great Nana get along so well. She enjoys seeing the two spending time together.

When the 3-month-old Kernel and Great Nana first met, she found Kernel adorable. Nana preferred small, furry dogs, but Kernel won Nana’s heart over time.

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Nana wanted Kernel to be a little bit smaller, but she still loves Kernel nonetheless. Alyssa said that Nana treats Kernel like he is her great-grandchild.

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