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It’s heartbreaking when a dog gets abandoned. This particular abandonment story would make anyone cry.

Faithful Dogs Wait By Hospital’s Entrance For Their Friend’s Return

A dog was found tied outside the Villalobos Rescue Center around five to six in the morning. A staff found her and put a leash on her. The dog that they named Cairo did not resist, but one can see that she was very anxious.

The whole abandonment incident was caught on camera. A man took Cairo and tied her to the fence, and the man left. Cairo managed to free herself and ran after the man. A few minutes later, the man came back carrying Cairo.

He tied her up again. What’s heartbreaking is how the man kissed Cairo before he left. He must have loved the dog but had no choice but to give her up.

Should my dog be left alone?

No one knows his story, so no one has the right to judge. The people from the rescue are just glad that the dog is safe. Unfortunately, Cairo has very high anxiety. His condition would need a lot of time and effort before it subsides.

Cairo is a sweet dog, as she always wants to be around people. One day, when Cairo was out for a walk, a staff noticed that she had bloody stool. There are a lot of reasons for a dog to get it.

Cairo just came from the vet, and they confirmed that she was healthy. No parasites and no health issues. This means that her anxiety caused the bloody stools.

When a dog’s anxiety is too high, the physical manifestations of that anxiety will show. In this case, it was her bloody stool. The owner of the rescue decided to transfer Cairo to what they call the Pits Carton.

It’s a place for dogs like Cairo. Dogs who are suffering from anxiety and other behavioral conditions are brought here. The site is created to give dogs a happy and stress-free environment.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube


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