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When rescuers pulled a beagle named Murray off the streets, he was in a sorry state. It was clear that the pooch had suffered cruelty in the hands of his former owners.

Part of his right ear was docked off, and rubber bands tied around his tail had cut off circulation. Doctors had to amputate the bottom half of Murray’s tail to save it.

The beagle first stayed at Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter. He was reticent and seemed afraid of everything at first. The staff reckoned Murray was kept in a cage almost all day and not allowed to interact with other animals or humans.

Murray was not adoptable because of his injuries. As such, the shelter asked if other organizations were willing to take him in, and Alcovy Pet Rescue in Winder responded to the call.

Even if Murray was timid, his foster mom saw how sweet and friendly he was underneath. Despite the abuse he experienced, the beagle still trusted people.

Also, Murray displayed a propensity for hunting. Alcovy Pet Rescue thought this trait would be of great use at the National Detector Dog Training Center of the US Department of Agriculture. Thus, they sent the canine there.

The pooch displayed an aptitude for detection, and he eventually joined Homeland Security’s Beagle Brigade. The canine crew is composed of 115 beagles who sniff out smuggled goods at airports all around the country.

Murray and his handler Amabele Gella work at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s baggage claim area. A few of their jackpots, including smuggled meat and fruit, can be credited to the beagle’s fantastic sense of smell.

The beagle is not only great at his job; he also enjoys it a whole lot. Murray is so enthusiastic that he never wants to stop sniffing.

Amabele says the beagle sees his work as a fun game. What makes the arrangement even sweeter is that Murray gets a yummy treat for every successful find, which encourages him even more.

Aaron Beaumont, Murray’s trainer, is as proud of the beagle’s accomplishments as his handler. The dog was once in danger of being euthanized because of his disfigurement, but now he’s doing what he loves. Watch Murray sniffing luggage in the video below:

Source: The Border Observer on YouTube and Daily Mail


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