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If you are thinking if it’s a good idea to adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy, you are on the right track. Adopting a dog has many reasons, and most of it is indeed true. If you adopt, you are saving an animal’s life.

There are millions of animals being put down annually in the United States alone. These homeless pets are being euthanized to make room for more stray dogs and cats. Shelter workers don’t have a choice but to put down animals to make room for new ones.

Furthermore, if you adopt, it is a lot less expensive compared to buying a pup from a puppy mill. Adopting a rescue dog often has their vaccinations caught up, they are already spayed or neutered and sometimes microchipped. All of these are often included in the adoption cost. Rescue dogs are often house-trained which makes it easier for them to move in with you. How great is that?

If I have already picked your interest, you should meet Hoagie. He is a sanctuary dog and is fostered by the Best Friends Animal Society. The society is an animal welfare organization that aims in euthanizing dogs and cats in many American Shelters.

At the time of this writing, Hoagie was looking for his forever home. He is a fun-loving dog willing to make adventures with his future forever family. Watch the video below of Hoagie’s zest for life.


Dogs have given us unconditional love. They are more than willing to risk their lives for us. They have continued to provide us with excellent service. They deserve our love and respect. Rescued dogs need it the most. It’s time for us to pay back. Visit your local shelter today and learn more about.

Check out the shelters near you and you may just found your forever dog.

Source Best Friends Animal Society via YouTube


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