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Never underestimate the value of oral care. Nothing is more painful than that pesky toothache, usually coupled with stinky breath. That’s the reason why we spend precious time and money taking care of our teeth.

How to Take Care of a Dog

How about our canine buddies? Canine dental disease is a legitimate cause for concern, especially if left unchecked could affect other body parts.

For owner Bret Mortimer, dental care is of utmost priority, both for her and her beloved pup Fritz. However, Fritz wasn’t always keen on visiting the dentist. Her dog’s aversion to the dentist is the reason why the concerned Bret had to resort to underhanded tactics to have her beloved dog’s teeth checked.

Bret took the clueless Fritz for a car ride one Saturday morning. Typically, a car ride would signify a trip to their local dog park for a day of fun and relaxation. Fritz never expected that this particular trip would turn out to be one massive disappointment on his part.

Fritz wasn’t all too happy with his trip to the veterinary dentist. The moment Bret came back to pick him up after his dental appointment, the grumpy dog soon let his owner know his exact sentiments regarding her deception.

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On their way home, Fritz refused to glance at his owner or make eye contact. He gave her the cold shoulder. He realized she planned it all along, which made him mad.

His annoyance soon faded once they got home, and the jolly canine was back to his old self once more. However, because of his experience, Fritz soon learned to be a bit more suspicious of his owner’s invitations for car rides. He couldn’t get over the betrayal he went through.

Not soon after, Bret invited him again for another car ride. This time, it was an excellent trip to the dog park. But by the look on Fritz’s face during their journey, he was worried about their supposed destination.

When they reached the dog park, Fritz breathed a sigh of relief and soon let loose. After a fun-filled day, the playful pooch gave his owner a full and healthy smile to show off his clean chompers.

Photos courtesy of Bret Mortimer via Instagram
Video courtesy of Bret Mortimer via Twitter (@bretmortimer)


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