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Thanks to a brave K9 officer and a stroke of luck, a Mississippi law enforcement officer got out of an ambush wounded but very much alive.

Deputy Todd Frazier was driving along Highway 90 in Pearlington, Mississippi one night when he came upon a vehicle parked at an empty rest stop. All the lights of the Lincoln Town Car were out, but the deputy saw that a man was sitting inside the vehicle.

Concerned about the unmoving man’s wellbeing, Deputy Frazier, who’s a veteran of the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, pulled over to check on him.

As he was approaching the vehicle, however, he heard movement coming from the direction of the woods. He started to walk away from the blue car but then tripped on his feet, and that’s when two men lunged at him. The man inside the Lincoln Town Car joined them.

Image credit: Therese Apel on Facebook

The three men proceeded to attack him as he fought them off. One used a knife to slash him across the forehead; another tried to strangle him; while the third carried him by his legs to drag him to the woods.

Luckily, during the heat of the moment, Deputy Frazier was able to push the button on a device he wore around his neck that unlocked the back door of his vehicle.

His partner, a black Belgian Malinois named Lucas, leaped from the car and ran toward the men. The K9 officer sank his teeth into one of the attackers, and all three fled to the Lincoln Town Car.

As they drove off, Lucas was still hanging on to one of the men’s legs, so a few of his teeth got cracked, and he sustained an injury to his shoulder.

In addition to the gash on his head, Deputy Frazier also got a few bruises and knife wounds from the fight. However, the Mississippi officer recovered soon enough with no complications.

According to Sheriff Ricky Adam, their department had four K9 units, but only two vehicles had the remote unlock mechanism. It was fortunate that Deputy Frazier was using one of them that night; otherwise, he might not have survived the ambush.

The sheriff has nothing except praise for Deputy Frazier, whom he says is “an excellent dog handler.”

Watch the story here:

Source: CNN on YouTube

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