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Dogs helping other humans or animals is not exactly news nowadays. If you like dogs and read stories about them, you probably already know that our beloved pups have some sort of messiah complex, but in a positive way. They want to help out anyone who needs help, in any way they can.

They don’t always have the tools or the know-how to help in every situation. But it never ceases to amaze us whenever they display a unique trait that allows them to fulfill their calling as saviors of all earth-dwelling creatures, just like this Labrador-Pyrenees mix named, Gus.

Gus does not have incredible speed, strength, or intelligence. But rather, he is gentle, and he puts this unique trait to good use. Not all dogs are able to control the strength of their bite, and most dog parents are aware of how destructive pups can be because of this.

Dogs who have a delicate bite are usually those who are employed as retriever dogs, but instead of capturing, Gus’ delicate bite is used to set animals free. Gus and his dog siblings live in a home with an enclosed porch. This porch is made up of glass windows, whose reflections tend to attract birds to come in.

Gus’ mom, Jennifer Ahlberg, explained that birds getting trapped inside their porch is not something new, and Gus has taken it upon himself to be the one to set them free every time. Well, good thing he has the delicate touch that makes him perfect for the job.

Jennifer was able to record one of the episodes of his pup doing his heroic duty. The bird can be seen scrambling to get away from Gus, but the pooch was fast enough to grab it and set it free once outside. Lucky for them, Gus is always around. See the video below.

Credits: Jennifer Ahlberg


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