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Rescue dogs have their fair share of stories – from stories of hopelessness to experiencing the firsts moments. We love to see how a dog that used to be unloved was rescued and see the brighter side of life. Bradley Cooper’s Dog, Charlie, Stars in His First Ever Directorial Movie

Dog Shows Extreme Fondness Towards a Garden Hose

Blossom’s story.

This little 3-year old dog has so much trauma that you can see it in her cartoon eyes. When she was rescued, she’s a shy girl who turned to be an escape artist. She’ll do everything to get away from the scene.  How to treat your Dog

Luckily, Blossom was rescued by a foster dad who will never get tired of exerting efforts to help her. According to Blossom’s foster dad, taking care of her took not just weeks but three months of rigorous efforts and patience. How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Blossom is too afraid to get in touch or mingle with her foster dad and the other dogs at home. She even refrained from eating her foods; that’s why her foster dad made sure to cook nutritious foods to help with the recovery process. Best Foods for my Dog

The three months journey to Blossom’s recovery is challenging. But, as time goes by, Blossom learned how to let loose and be more comfortable around her foster dad. The two of them experienced a lot of firsts together. How to take care of your Dog, Health Food Part 2

Blossom started to play with the other dogs, sit beside her foster dad, and run around the grass. The highlight of the journey was when Blossom started to wag her tail and run around his foster dad. For the very first time, Blossom wagged her tail out of excitement and confidence knowing that her foster dad loved her so dearly.

Blossom continuously evolved from a shy and shaking puppy to a full-bloom dog who loves to welcome new foster dogs brought to their home. Take a closer look at Blossom’s story in the inspirational video below: Pit Bull Attacks Man Attempting To Rape Her Owner

Source: The Dodo via YouTube

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