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If not for Ben, the family’s hero dog, the Rauschenberg kids, and their babysitter would not have come out alive from the apartment fire.

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Dogs have a powerful sense of smell. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than the human sense of smell. They can identify different accelerants used by arsonist, bombs, drugs, natural disasters to as minute as cancer cells or early pregnancy just by sniffing.

Colleen Rauschenberg adopted Ben from a shelter through a recommendation from her friend Helyn. At first, she thought Ben was just an unappealing mutt with his mix breed of Barnese Mountain dog and Border collie. When she took Ben home, her kids fell in love with him instantly and dressing him up with the Steelers jersey.

One night, Colleen, being a single mother, decided to go out with her friends. She took a night out with her friends and hired a babysitter to look after her two children. All was fine as she monitored them from time to time by calling them and talking to the sitter. Then she received another call from a terrified child telling her that the house was on fire.

Thankfully, the kids and the baby sitter came out alive after Ben; the family dog made noise to warn the sitter for an impending fire. The babysitter went out of the room to find a living room on fire. She woke the kids and hurried to exit the apartment taking with the dog and called for help immediately.

Colleen rushed to her house and was relieved to see her kids, her dog and her friend the babysitter all unharmed. Thanks to big Ben for alerting them early on. More than just a family dog, Ben is treated as one of her kids. The family will always be grateful for his heroic actions even if for him, it’s just a natural response to emergency situations.



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