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Dev Naz is an animal rights advocate based in Turkey. He runs a non-profit organization called Dev Naz Dog Rescue Turkey, which does what it can to care for stray dogs that he and his fellow volunteers find.

One of the dogs he saved recently gave birth to a litter of ten puppies. After a few days of giving birth, the new mother heard cries of puppies that have been dumped near the dog rescue facility.

Amazingly, the dog that recently gave birth to ten puppies walked right towards the source of the cries and decided to take on the responsibility of being a mother to the orphaned puppies as well.

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Dev Naz was completely surprised when he found the new mama dog breastfeeding the orphaned puppies. He couldn’t believe that the dog would still take on the responsibility of caring for the eight puppies when she recently gave birth to ten.

Dev Naz is so thankful that this mama dog is helping them out in caring for the puppies. Although his organization is capable of caring for the puppies, having the dog help them out in feeding the puppies make their work easier.

Dev’s organization will continue to look after all the dogs they find. They provide them with food, medical care, and even neuter them and get them ready to be adopted by kind-hearted people all over Turkey.

Here’s a video showing the super mama dog feeding and adopting the eight orphaned puppies abandoned near Dev’s animal rescue center. Thanks to her help, the puppies will have a fighting chance for survival and a better future. This video shows that even animals can be compassionate and try and save fellow animals in need. In this case, the puppies were taken in by a mama dog who gave them better chances of surviving.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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