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Most of the time, advocacy that involves animals gets the traction they need. Nowadays, people support organizations with intentions to better the lives of animals. Some advocacies are centered on dogs.

Oscars Arc Woof Project recently announced that they want to set the world record for the number of dog adoptions in a day. The event, held in Johannesburg in South Africa, aimed to help rescued dogs to find temporary homes.

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While the organization wants to set a world record, they do not lose sight of what they want to achieve – to look for potential adopters for abandoned dogs. Joane Lefson, one of the proponents of this activity, said that they want to inspire other animal shelters to do the same.

Lefson, an animal rights activist, later said that most of their dogs are either abandoned or rescued dogs for hostile communities. Although these dogs had a terrible past, she assured that the dogs are sweet and caring.


According to Lefson, the Woof Project began its advocacy in 2017. Since then, they observed improvements in the number of pooch adoptions. Lefson shared that per their latest data, there is a 40% increase in adoptions in Western Cape alone.

Lefson also shared that one of the techniques they incorporated to attract more potential adopters is to place the pooches in strategic locations. These locations include famous places in the country. Lefson and her team decided to do this so that potential adopters can interact with the pooches.

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Lefson cited the example where they held the activity at the V&A Waterfront. They were successful in letting people adopt in this place because those who visited the vicinity interacted with the dogs.

In their bid to set the world record, they brought the activity to the Melrose Arch. During the said event, the Woof Project was able to have 56 adoptions in just one day. They were able to set the world record because of this number. Lefson thanked all the people who made this possible.


Credits to Oscars Arc.


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