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In the age of social media, we have heard and read a handful of stories of dogs befriending all sorts of animals around. They had made friends with butterflies, wild deer, ducks, cats, and even bears. But this bulldog sure is one in a million when he not only befriends but falls in love with a manatee!

Frappuccino, fondly called as Frappe, lives with his loving dad, Eric Eggert, in their home in Phoenix, Arizona. Eric loves taking Frappe out on adventures. This time around, he brought the English bulldog for a visit to his family residing in Florida.

While they were in the state, the two decided to go on a kayak ride out in one of the beaches near their family home. But what they thought would be a dull and uneventful kayak ride turned out to be one for the books.

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As the duo paddled along the waterways, Eric noticed a particular creature swimming towards their boat. When it reached the edge of their kayak, the creature turned out to be a manatee, Florida’s official state mammal, greeting them with all its glory.

The sea cow was known to mainly swim in shallow water systems around the southeastern portion of the United States, so it wasn’t a surprise that they saw one there. What was surprising was the way the manatee behaved around Frappe.

It looked so interested in the bulldog that it poked its nose out of the water for Frappe to sniff. Frappe was obviously was as excited as the manatee too. He kept wiggling his body and sniffing the water where the majestic creature swims in delight.

The encounter was so pure and sweet that Eric whipped out his camera and started filming the scene. Luckily, he began recording just in time to see the manatee and Frappe touch noses! It was definitely love at first sight. Look at their adorable encounter here.

Courtesy of Rumble Viral

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