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A teenage girl from Manitoba, Canada, will always be grateful to her dog for putting her out of harm’s way. She and her family may have lost everything, but at least they still have each other and the pooch.

When the family woke up that day in their house in Sidney, they had no idea that a terrible accident would occur just a few hours later. Terry Bruhm prepared for work while her children went to school.

Later, Terry’s husband, cousin, and nephew stepped out for a bit to gather some firewood. Only her 17-year-old daughter Nakita Pomehichuk and their pets remained at home.

The home-schooled young woman was still asleep when her dog Eska, who is a cross between a Siberian Husky and an Alaskan Malamute, started jumping on her. Nakita woke up, thinking at first that the canine merely wanted to go outside.

When she took a good look around her, however, the teen saw that the house was filling with smoke. Nakita fled outside, bringing Eska with her.

In just 20 minutes, a fire was raging, completely consuming the house. It took firefighters from three towns to put out the conflagration.

By the time Terry arrived at the scene, there was nothing left of the property. They had lived there for ten years, and now all their belongings had turned to ash. Unfortunately, the family had no insurance.

While they could buy new clothes and furniture, a few mementos were irretrievably lost in the fire. One of Terry’s children passed away in 2013, and his keepsakes are now gone.

The family’s other pets also perished in the blaze. Besides Eska, they had another dog, a rabbit, as well as two cats. Nakita tried to rescue them, but it was too dangerous by then.

Terry, Nakita, and the rest of the family are staying in Austin, Manitoba while they try to get back on their feet. Thankfully, their neighbors and concerned residents from other towns lent a hand by donating food, clothes, and money.

They’re hoping to return to Sidney soon. But in the meantime, the family is sticking together, and they’ll surely be taking extra good care of Eska. Watch Terry, Eska, and Nakita in the video below:

Source: Riley Laychuk on YouTube


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