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Dogs are cute and lovely. Sometimes, they are a bit hyper, but we can’t stop adoring dogs. From making those cute puppy eyes to chewing your favorite shoes, dogs can do that and bring out some fun.

In a video making rounds on the Internet, it shows how adorable dogs are — with a, garden hose.

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Yes, you read it right! Dogs love garden hose, and there’s a video compiling eight scenes showing how dogs love to play with their owners while using a garden hose.

While it seems like an odd piece of toy for dogs, but it looks like they’re having the best time of their lives while the owners are busy watering the plants.

In the first part of the video, a group of dogs dances whenever the owner wags and turns on the water pressure in the garden hose. They are trying to catch as much water as possible. In other scenes, the dogs act, as if the water coming out from the garden hose is an enemy, and they are ready to fight it.

The video shows how playful dogs can be. And you can also see how they love playing in even the simplest items you’ll see at home or in the garden. Dogs are easy to please, and they will make the most out of every moment to have fun and enjoy the day.

And this video proves that dogs are simply adorable no matter what they do and how they choose to spend their day with the family. Whether you give them a chew toy or let them roam around the garden, your dogs will definitely find something they can play with.

So, the next time you went your to water your plants, don’t forget to water your dogs and see how they love a garden hose. See it for yourself:

Source: I Love Dogs via YouTube

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