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Some dogs would perk their ears up when Beyoncé is on. Some would sing to the likes of Ariana Grande or Katy Perry. But not Lady Xena. She turns her nose up on these modern pop icons. She sings only to the great Whitney Houston, and she shows Belgium’s Got Talent the stuff she’s made of!

She struts onstage with her trainer, never minding the amusing glances of the judges, nor the expectant faces of the audience. She is here to honor one of the greatest divas of all time.

Lady Xena settles on stage, and the first few notes of “I Will Always Love You” begin — “If I… should stay, I will only be in your way….” Lady Xena howls softly, just as Whitney did. She even closes her eyes to emphasize her feelings.

Backstage, Lady Xena’s Mum and Dad (her owners) don’t know whether to laugh or die with embarrassment. Dad is trying hard to choke back his giggle.

But what is this? Pandemonium! Lady Xena opens her eyes and sees the audience applauding wildly, especially when she hit the high notes. They absolutely love her! Never mind that she sounded like a sick animal, or as if somebody died. What is important is she poured her heart and soul into the song! What could have inspired her to belt out such a tragic melody? A lost love? A traumatic childhood? A bone buried somewhere but is now lost and gone?

At the end of Lady Xena’s segment, the audience breaks out in applause. Her owners breathe a sigh of relief (LOL). No more playing Whitney Houston at home for now! Maybe Lady Xena can learn to sing “My Heart Will Go On” from the Titanic? Eh? What do you think? Comment down below!

Watch the amusing video here:

Source: Got Talent Worldwide via YouTube



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