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Get your “awws” ready for this cute story that reminds us that the creatures on this planet aren’t too bad. Maybe except for us, humans, but that’s another story for another day. In this article, we’ll talk about how this kind pooch broke out her kennel to do what she believed was the right thing to do; to help two young ones who were scared of their new environment.

This amazing story took place at Barkers Pet Motel. For those who are not familiar with the pet hotel concept, this is basically a hotel for dogs and other pets where owners can leave them for a few days while they are away. Pet motels are experts in pet care, so whenever pets are checked into these establishments, it’s pretty much a stay-cation for them.

Maggie, an Australian shepherd mix who was checked into Barkers Pet Motel by her owners was only expecting a stay-cation. What she didn’t expect was for her motherly instincts to be called into action. While staying at Barkers, Maggie couldn’t help but hear two foster puppies crying. They are probably anxious and looking for their mom.

Barkers take in foster dogs when there isn’t any space in shelters or nobody volunteers to foster them; this is the good deed they do for their community. Maggie, who just recently weaned her own litter, is not just going to sit in her kennel and do nothing. She snuck out and looked for the puppies. When she found them, the licked and caressed them to calm them down, and she laid outside their kennel.

The establishment’s owner, Sandi Aldred was out having dinner with her family. She saw what was happening in the kennel through her mobile phone. When she went to the kennels after dinner, Maggie went up to her excitedly, and she was suggesting that to be allowed to spend the night with the puppies to help relieve their anxiety. Aldred was more than happy to oblige. See the surveillance video below.

Credits: SuperNewsfull

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