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This dog had been living with Mange for quite some time, and her case was so severe that it ate away at the fur on her entire body and left thick scabs of dead skin on her face. Mange was known to cause severe itchiness in dogs, which in turn, caused them to scratch away at the affected areas, aggravating the condition as a result. Fortunately for this female dog, she seemed to have had enough restraint to keep herself from tearing at her deformed skin for some temporary relief — or she had simply scratched her fill, and her skin was now too painful.

Either way, seeing her condition convinced one passerby to contact the Animal Aid Unlimited organization and request that they take in the dog so that she could receive medical attention. When the rescue team got out of their vehicle to fetch their new charge, they were expecting that getting her to come with them would require plenty of effort — perhaps they would even have to use force. But to their surprise, all it took was for one of their colleagues to call the dog over, and she was already emerging from under the vehicle she’d been hiding in and wagging her tail like they were old friends.

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At the shelter, they started treating her by giving her IV fluids to help stabilize her condition, and then they used ointment on the thick scabs of skin on her body, particularly on her face. She was to get a medicated bath two times a week, during which she showed her carers what a patient dog she was by following their cues and not making any sudden movement when they were attending to her. The treatment would have to continue for weeks to come, but they were confident that she would get there, as long as they all keep at it.

And sure enough, their efforts paid off. They decided to name her Pepper.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited, India via YouTube


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