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Miracle, a one-year-old black dog, was walking down the Trans-Canada Highway in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia when she got hit by a car. The driver felt the impact, went down the car to look for the dog’s body, but continued with his journey when he couldn’t find her.

The driver’s journey went on for two more hours and 125 miles. When he parked the car to take a break, that’s when he discovered Miracle’s body. She was trapped under the bumper. The driver freed her from being stuck and took her to the Sydney Medical Hospital so the veterinarians can run some tests.

Miracle’s miracle

The medical staff called Miracle’s owners to let them know about what happened to her. They were saddened by what happened, but they did not have enough funds to pay the medical bills. Since that was the case, the staff turned her over to Litters ‘n Critters, one of the dog rescues in Nova Scotia.

According to Shelly Cunningham, the president of Litters ‘n Critters, Miracle was in bad shape when she arrived at the shelter. There was so much swelling inside her head, and her eye’s blood vessels looked like they were about to explode. Interestingly, despite all the head trauma, there was not a single broken bone in her body.

Cunningham finds it amazing that Miracle survived the accident. With all her head injuries, one would think that her chances of living are slim, but this dog is a tough one. She wants to live up to her name.

The licking machine

Miracle now lives with Terri Buckland, her foster mom. The survivor loves to shower her mom with warm, furry hugs and wet kisses that’s why she’s called the “licking machine.” Watch a snippet of her survival tale here:

Miracle the Dog

They say cats have nine lives, but what about dogs? Steve Silva is working on this story of a Nova Scotia dog’s survival for tonight’s newscast.

Posted by Global Halifax on Thursday, September 24, 2015

Credits to Global Halifax

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