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Pirate is a one-eyed dog who was rejected by his owner. Pirate was abandoned on the streets and left alone to fend for himself.

Luckily, Pirate wandered into the right house in one Los Angeles neighborhood. Chris, the owner of the house where Pirate got lost in, contacted the Hope For Paws for assistance.

Pirate befriended Chris’s Pit Bull, Blue. Luckily, Blue did not seem to mind the little stranger who got lost in his human’s property and became friends with the one-eyed pup.

Hope For Paws founders, Eldad and Loretta, enlisted Blue’s help when they saw Pirate’s interest on the Pit Bull. Blue followed Loreta’s footsteps, and Pirate did the same wherever the Pit Bull went.

When Pirate got closer to Blue, Eldad started enclosing the area. Blue sat beside Pirate, while Loreta gently gave the one-eyed dog some light rub.

Shortly after Loreta gave Pirate some good old back rub, she immediately secured Pirate using a leash. At first, Pirate was so frightened because he thought that he would be harmed, but when Pirate saw how calm Blue was, he began to calm down.

When Eldad took a closer look at Pirate, he realized that the dog really did not have his other eye. Since the dog only had one eye, they decided to name him as Pirate.

When Pirate and his rescuers arrived at the clinic, the doctors took the dog for surgery. The doctors also discovered that the dog had a microchip on his body.

The shelter volunteers contacted the person found on the microchip to let Pirate’s owner know that the dog was with them. Unfortunately, Pirate’s owner did not want him anymore because aside from having only one eye, he already has a new dog.

Since Pirate’s owner no longer wanted him, Hope For Paws temporarily cared for the one-eyed dog. After some time, Pal Rescue fostered Pirate and even helped him find his fur-ever home.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via YouTube

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