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Physical disabilities do not define what a human or an animal can do and to what extent he can enjoy life. These disabilities are only challenges that test a person’s courage to live life amidst the judgment of the world and the struggles in life. It does not limit what one can only do. Instead, it adds to the challenge and the color of a person or an animal’s life.

Our featured dog for today is born with twisted back legs. The dog has to undergo an operation for the removal of these legs for the dog to survive and have no further difficulty. The pup also has a heart condition which needs extra care and attention from its owners.

Watch the video below.

Truly Inspiring

Truly Inspiring

Posted by Dogs are family on Friday, July 13, 2018

The inspiring video above shows us how the dog tried to overcome all the challenges brought by his condition. He continued to live his life without limitations amidst the circumstance he is in. He still jumps high, run as fast as he could and have fun as if he does not have any disabilities and a severe heart condition.

It is with so much admiration and inspiration to witness the positivism which the dog has as he does not allow his struggles to stop him from living the life which he is only able to experience once. He lives the famous saying, “You Only Live Once.”

Our thoughts

The story of the dog in the video is a great wake up call to those who once failed in their lives and to those who are in deep struggles. Life tests us in different ways, and it throws us unexpected challenges. The way we handle these challenges and how we respond to them lead us to the outcome that will either make or break us. So, it is up to us whether we succeed or not. We hope to have the same spirit as the dog in the video.

Source: Facebook via Dogs are Family


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