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We are truly blessed to have dogs on our side. They do a lot of things for us, and we’re not just talking about playing fetch and looking cute. They can save our lives, and nobody knows how many lives these furballs have rescued, but no matter what the number is, they truly deserve to be called our best friends.

As their best friends and the species that are often at the receiving end of their heroics, it is our duty to protect these dogs in return. Some of these pups face danger on a daily basis as working dogs, especially those who are deployed in the military, and those working as police dogs.

Last January, a drug-sniffing dog’s life was put in danger when he inhaled a large amount of ecstasy. Jake, a 3-year-old golden retriever, was screening the passengers and their luggage that were about to go onboard the Norweigan Epic. The 41,000-passenger cruise ship is a behemoth, so imagine the number of people the police needed to cover.

The cruise ship is being used as the venue for an electronic dance music party called “Holy Ship!” and these kinds of music festivals often attract drug abuse. Jake signaled to his handler that he found drugs on a passenger, a 33-year-old gentleman named Leslie Bennett.

The officers of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office arrested Bennett when they found crushed ecstasy and other narcotics hidden in his underwear and inside his luggage. Unfortunately, inhaling the substances had an effect on Jake. He couldn’t stand still, and then he started to have a seizure.

The quick-thinking officers decided to use Narcan on the poor pup. Narcan is a nasal spray, usually applied to people who overdose on opioids. It was very effective on Jake, and after several days with the vet, he is ready to go back to work. He can continue to save more lives thanks to the officers that saved his.

Credits: WKMG News 6 ClickOrlando

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