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A simple act of kindness to a stranger can go a long way. We may not have much to offer other individuals, but even just a smile or a glass of water to cool off can make a lot of difference, and touching their hearts can make their day. But let’s not limit our acts of kindness to humans. We should also show the same level of kindness to stray dogs.

In fact, we should be extra kind to them. They are the poor pups whose luck hasn’t turned yet. They forage for their own food, sleep in the cold streets, and have no humans to cuddle with. However, the elderly man in this viral video does not need any reminders regarding this matter.

Elderly Man Won The Hearts Of Millions When He Gave A Street Dog A Drink

Luckily, a woman named Pamela Altamirano Sanchez saw what this kind man did, and she was able to record it with her phone. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to see this sweet moment that was shared between man and dog. She posted the video on Facebook, and it received over 21 million views.

This goes to show how humankind has changed, and kind acts like these are treasured like a rare gem that we only come across once in a lifetime. Pamela didn’t put too much information about the video, so we couldn’t tell where it was taken from. She only captioned it with: “This is love. There are still good people.”

The elderly man helped the street dog get a cool drink to quench his thirst by bringing the water to the pup using his hands. There is a faucet near them, but it was too high for the dog to reach. So the man put his hands together and used them like a bowl and brought the water to the delighted dog.

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The man did this several times, and he let the dog drink the water out of his hands. What we loved the most about that sweet moment is the smile the elderly man had. He was genuinely happy that he was able to help the dog that he never even saw before. Sometimes, it makes us wonder about the true meaning of happiness. But that is for another discussion for another time. For now, enjoy the heartwarming video below.

Digno de compartir eso es amor .. Todavía existe gente buena 😍🤗😍😍

Posted by Pamela Altamirano Sanchez on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Credits: Pamela Altamirano Sanchez


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