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It was a normal day at work for Cris Mamprim, a nurse at Hospital Regional Alto Vale. He was tending to patients the whole day just like any other day until one patient came with four unlikely companions.

It was late at night when Cesar came in for medical treatment. When they were treating him, they noticed four dogs waiting by the hospital’s door patiently. It was quite bizarre and sweet at the same time, so they took a photo of it and posted it on Facebook.

When they were done treating Cesar, they talked to him and asked him about his friends. Turned out, Cesar is homeless, and though he lives in the street he is looking after the four canines. It was a surprise for Cris and his colleagues for the dogs looks to be in great shape and well behaved.

It amazed them how Cesar who has almost nothing can give look after four trustworthy companions. Cesar even shared with them that he sometimes gives his food to his dog. He truly loves his dogs and his dogs’ action clearly shows they reciprocate his love.

Upon hearing Cesar’s story, Cris and his colleagues let his dogs stay inside the hospital while he was recovering. They offered Cesar a meal which he shared with his sweet buddies. The time to release Cesar though came and Cris sadly sent Cesar back to the streets. Though it was tough knowing Cesar was not alone brought them some comfort.

Cesar’s story is truly heart-warming. It shows that even you don’t have money, roof, clothes, or all the fancy things in life, you can still help by just giving love. His dogs’ loyalty is amazing too. It shows that dogs hearts are truly pure and that they can love someone more than anything in this world.

Credits to Cris Mamprim

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