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Guide dogs help people with blindness or impaired sight to live their lives to the full. These service dogs guide the blind as they walk on the streets, enter crowded places, or move around their home. They are invaluable.

Ginger is one such service dog. He is an eye seeing dog who helps his blind friend live life to the fullest. He is a guide dog who supports his sightless friend all the time, wherever they need to go.

What’s interesting is that Ginger’s blind friend isn’t even a human. Ginger is a service dog guiding another dog named Kimchi. He is a guide dog to a blind dog.

Kimchi is a cocker spaniel who, years ago, was found abandoned on the streets of Manila. He was weak, thin, and had lost his sight. Feeling sorry for the little guy, Ginger’s family adopted him and took him home. From then on, his life was changed.

Ginger and Kimchi have developed a strong bond over the six years they’ve been together. Just like real brothers, Ginger guides Kimchi to where their parents would lead them and makes sure that his smaller brother is safe and sound.

Ginger’s parents do not use a leash. Instead, Ginger and Kimchi are tethered to each other and walk alongside their parents wherever they go. Ginger takes care of his little brother and gives him the confidence he needs to take each step.

For example, Kimchi wouldn’t go down the stairs by himself. His parents tried to let him descend the stairs alone but he couldn’t; he simply froze. But when his bigger brother is beside him, he goes down quickly as if he has no problem seeing the steps.

These two dogs and the special bond they share have grown in popularity over the years. They have been featured on national TV, giving joy to many viewers.

Aside from that, they have also helped employees cope with work stress, brought relief to hospital patients, and made stressed-out students happy.

Ginger and Kimchi’s relationship is an excellent example of what it means to have compassion. Ginger’s caring attitude towards his blind brother should inspire us to care for one another, too.

Dogs are So Special

Dog helps his blind fellow mate make things work out

Posted by Now I've Seen Everything on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Source: Now I’ve Seen Everything via Facebook

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