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Abuse towards Dogs

First and for most let me start by mentioning Abuse towards your Dog or any other pet is never okay. It will never be condoned on this platform. the below article is simply informing the general public on ways to cure your abused dog.
Mental effects on abused dogs
Obviously there are physical effects of abuse on dogs such as wounds. Broken bones and physical inactivity due to the pain and depression. While physical abuse effects are relatively short term issues. Mental effects may cause higher degrees of anxiety and suffering, with the damage lasting a very long time. Brave Dog Saves Kids And Babysitter From Blazing Apartment Fire What is even more saddening is that multiple studies have shown the emotional and mental harm is even more painful than physical hurt.

Physical effects on abused dogs

When we come across a aggravated dog it’s mainly motivated by fear due to the abused they’ve received over time here are a few habits spotted in physical abused dogs. Excitability, Fearful on stairs, Attachment, attention seeking Etc. Studies have shown that fearfulness towards unfamiliar People and unfamiliar dogs are linked with aggression toward them. Abuse causes fear in Dogs, fear causes aggression as a response.

Ways to build trust with an Abused dog

Give your dog some space. Usually a bed that feels comfortable. Your dog’s space should be a place where it can take a break. If your dog is feeling overwhelmed, Let your dog return to its safe space and let him spent time alone.
Show your Dog some love by Petting him delicately. Dog’s who have been abused are hand shy,When Petting your dog, put your palm up under his or her head.
With abused Dog’s they’re always on the defense you want to make sure that the dog sees you before you handle him.
Feeding your Dog giving it its favorite food is also a way of treating it with love most importantly having Water access all the time is a plus. Walking with him, grooming him, playing with him and feeding is a great addition especially when done by surprise.
For all abuse whether home or laboratory related please contact your closes animal rescue shelter, Animal cruelty is a thing of the past with your help.
This concludes the ” Abuse towards dogs  ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.
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