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Vegetarian Food for Dog Part 1

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself .A dog will teach you unconditional love. … so why not go out of your way in providing the best food for the one who loves us, Vegetarian food we all know the benefits it has for us as humans so why not share the same with your dog.

How to take care of your Dog, Health Food Part 2

We all love our pets, and enjoy making them happy, so trying to
achieve this by feeding them treats or tit-bits is an easy thing to
do. Unfortunately, regularly overfeeding them, or feeding them
unhealthy treats and not giving them enough exercise, can
cause them to put on weight, which in the long term can make
them less healthy and less happy.

Letting your dog become overweight can affect their quality of
life and shorten their life span dramatically. Even letting them
become moderately overweight can influence their life expectancy.

1) Healthy Food

In the previous blogs some healthy food was mention about How to Take Care of Your dog. Example: Water, Liver, Soy Flour, Poultry By-Product Meal, Cracked Barley, Ground Corn, Iodized Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Vegetable Oil, Choine Chloride, Organic Food, Pumpkin, Raw Meat, and Treats.

2) Vegetarian diets

Even the most committed vegetarians and vegans says that dogs are true animals who get essential nutrients and not just protein—from meat. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t healthy, thriving, vegetarian dogs. But they’re healthy and thriving because their mindful owners make extra effort to ensure their dogs are getting from other sources what they’d traditionally get from meat.

And about that protein? Eggs are a terrific non-meat source of protein, and dogs love them. For vegans, there are lentils and legumes and brown rice, as well as supplements for vegan diets. Whichever way you go vegetarian or vegan—you must keep your vet informed for the best advise on vitamin or other nutritional deficiencies.

3) Weight matters

Obesity is the most serious medical problem facing dogs in the U.S. today. Scientists delicately advise owners to look for things like a slight increase of fat over the rib cage, an unusually rounded abdomen, or some form of fat are signs that a dog is moderately overweight. But of course, what they’re saying is that deciding whether your dog is headed for maximum density comes down to a commonsense assessment. Get advice from your vet if you are concern.

Overweight dogs can suffer from the same health problems that
overweight humans do. Carrying extra weight can also put a strain on your dog’s joints
and back, which can be painful and even lead to arthritis.
Although the effects of obesity on your dog are very serious, the
good news is that this problem is avoidable and reversible and by
keeping them in shape you can help them live longer and happier lives. Get advise from your vet.

And so this concludes the ” Vegetarian food for Dog part 1 ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.


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