Dog's Brushing
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Hygiene plays an Important role in your dog’s life in his post you will receive tips on how to properly care for your dog’s health.

1) Brushing and Bathing Your Dog
Brushing your Dog a few times a week can create a routine. It’s also a important key to keeping your Dog clean. If you’re planning on bathing your Dog, How to treat your DogMake sure you brush him first to get the heavy dirt out because bathing your Dog before brushing him will make for an even dirtier bath. Don’t skip Regular Brushing Having a routine of brushing and combing your dog is very important, When it comes to grooming your dog is good to use the correct brushes.
2) Using Quality Shampoo
When bathing your dog, use a higher quality shampoo, because inexpensive versions may harbor harsh ingredients. It’s also wise to dilute the shampoo so it is easier to rinse out completely.
3) Grooming your Dog Properly
It’s simple to groom your dog at home, it’s also important to have basic understanding of Dog grooming.
The knowledge you have will help you achieve good results and to keep your Dog safe and Relaxed while he’s being Pampered. Below are areas where you should focus while grooming your Dog;
1. Around the eye area.
2. Hair growing around the anus.
3. Hair around the chin and lower jaw.
4. Areas where debris are trapped in hair.
5. Areas where there are hair mats and tangles.
4) Trimming your dog’s nails 
Nail trimming is always best when done by a professional, but some pet parents might feel confident enough to try on their own. Before using clippers on your Dog, We recommend getting your Dog used to the noise of the Machine. If your Dog’s nail appear to be white, proceed to clip until you see the pink. But if you notice your Dog has black nails clip as carefully as possible until you see a solid black dot on the tip.
The clippers 
Close the clippers quickly upon completion, clipping Lazily and using dull clippers can cause chipping and splitting on nails.
Please make sure you are prepared with the following tools before grooming;
1. Comb
2. Grooming table
3. Grooming clippers
4. Clipper and blade coolant
5. Grooming shears
6. Nail clippers
7. Styptic powder
5) Dog’s teeth
Your Dog having healthy teeth is very important. Especially because they use their teeth to have fun like playing with their toys, picking up and chewing objects of their own.
Gradually they will begin to have food decay from dirt. When you notice this we recommend the use of dog toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush your dog’s teeth. Please remember the number one rule is what you use for yourself should not be used for your Dog E.g Human toothpaste or human Shampoo.
And so this concludes the ” How to brush and bathe your dog ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.
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