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How To Care For Your Pregnant Dog

Caring for a pregnant dog can require a lot of new training and techniques you may not be familiar with. This article will help you to learn some of the things that will best help Different Types Of Dog Supplies your dog as she grows new life within her and how to help her care for her newborn puppies!

1) Feeding

The food you give your dog needs to have a lot of protein – more than you would normally give her. Try to stick around food with 22% protein. Digestible energy is important too, and you will want to look for something with 1600 kcal per pound of food. There is not really a limit on how much food you can give her unless she starts to gain too much weight.

Losing weight during pregnancy is dangerous and if you notice this happening to your dog, you can try giving her wet food, or try to find food with more nutrition per pound. Lots of water is also very important. Hydration is key during pregnancy so your dog has all the nutrients necessary to grow life.

2) New routine

9 weeks is the typical gestation period for dogs. Try not to feed them too much more than you normally do for the first six to seven weeks. Unless they are on a diet for weight-loss, then you should keep their food intake the same. As their weight increases, feed them about 25% more food so that they are getting the nutrients they need for themselves and the puppies.

As her appetite starts to disappear near the end of the full-term, the puppies will most likely be born within the next day or two. Watch carefully for this sign and prepare yourself to spend the next few days caring for and helping your dog give birth.

3) Nursing

As your dog begins to feed her newborns, her appetite will increase, so expect to continue feeding her more than usual. Don’t be alarmed if she’s eating more than she did even during pregnancy. After a few weeks of feeding her puppies, they may start to eat some of the food that she has. That’s good and will help the puppies get used to eating solid food.

4) Introducing new puppies to solid food

Six to eight weeks old is typically when puppies should start trying to eat solid food. It’s important to help facilitate the slowing of the lactation of the mother. During this time, you should start re-adjusting the mom dog to her pre-pregnancy food intake. Keep at this until the mom has stopped producing milk altogether.

5) Kinds of food to feed

Between becoming pregnant and stopping feeding her puppies, you may need to adjust the kind of food you feed your dog. It’s important that you find the correct food to feed your dog. It’s also important to introduce the new food to your dog over a period of 7-10 days. Do the same when you are changing her back to her regular food.

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