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How To Make Your Jealous Puppy Like Your Beau

You might find your puppy’s jealousy of your boyfriend or girlfriend cute, but not for long. Surely you love your fur baby, and your pup loves you just the same (or maybe even more). So just like any family member, you’d like to make your fur baby like or, hopefully, love your beau too.

You might be able to tolerate it when your pup snarls or hides during your date’s occasional visits. However, what if you decide to make your beau move in? Before anything else, make sure that he/she understands how important it is for them to get along and accept each other. Then, do the steps below to make the transition smooth.

1) Do the introduction in a neutral territory

Dogs are territorial. They somehow feel that they own your house, yard, and even you. So, introduce your new beau to your dog in neutral territory like a dog park. Allow them to play and be friends before you let your lover enter the house. Otherwise, your pup will feel threatened.

2) Let your dog make the first move

Don’t force your pet to meet your date. Let your puppy greet your beau first instead. Then, ask your lover to offer his/her closed hand and put it under your pet’s chin for sniffing. Don’t let your beau pet your dog by shoving his/her hand towards your dog’s head. This can be intimidating to your puppy.

Once puppies get used to a female owner, they feel intimidated by male guests. Men are usually taller. They also have a different smell, with a louder and lower-pitched voice, and walk with heavier steps. All these can make your dog react differently.

3) Boost your dog’s confidence

Puppies usually feel shy or afraid of strangers. Ask your beau to avoid making eye contact for your dog not to feel threatened. Instead, ask him/her to ignore your pet. This will cause your puppy to be curious and build its confidence, resulting for it to investigate further.

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4) Use a familiar scent

Have your beau use your perfume or hand lotion that’s familiar to your pet. You can even have him/her use a t-shirt that you’ve already worn but not yet washed. This will lessen your dog’s fear or anxiety.

5) Use treats to show love

Make sure that your pet has a positive experience with your beau. Ask him/her to fill your dog’s bowl with food or have him play some fun games together. Dogs have the highest respect for those who control their resources like food and fun. This way, your pup will easily associate your beau to good things.

6) Give your dog the much-needed attention

When your beau is in the house, don’t forget to still give your puppy the same attention. This way it would not feel that the newcomer is a competition. For instance, if you’re cuddling with your beau, make your pet sit on your lap or toss it a tasty treat.

7) Give some consolation prize

If you’re making any changes to your dog’s access to certain areas like rooms or furniture (bed, etc.), gradually do it. Provide alternatives for your dog too. Use a baby gate instead of closing the door so your dog can still see the situation and wouldn’t feel left out. Also, give you dog puzzle toys or delicious treats that it only gets to have whenever your beau is around.

And so this concludes the ” How to make your Jealous pup like your new beau ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.

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