How to Treat Your Dog
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Tips on treating your Dog well
The only way you’ll be best friends with your Dog is if you treat it well. Doing so requires lots of practice like having some of the fruit of the spirit example; patience and some extra love. Here’s a simple yet smart move to stat treating your Dog well.
1) How to treat your Dog. 
A) First Make sure you supply your Dog with plenty of food and water.
B) Get your Dog a comfortable place to rest.
C) And also Spending time with your dog increases the chance of him feeling good.
If you treat your dog as a member of your family, It will be the best thing you’ve done for your dog, because he will end up showering you with affection FOREVER. Taking your little guy to the vet is also a form of treating him Good, but remember as Your taking your dog to the vet you should bring him at least twice a year so he may stay updated on all shots. If you don’t have a female Dog when visiting the vet you could always consider getting him neutered and also giving him rabies Shot.
2) Keeping your dog safe. 
Part of your responsibility as a dog owner is to keep your dog safe. That means keeping your dog leashed when in traffic, and making sure your yard is bared so your dog does not run away and get into a horrible situations. Protecting your dog from larger dogs will keep him safe from potential hurt, After all you consider your Dog apart of the family and you would not want him/her hurt.
3) Dangerous Objects. 
Your dog is full of life and loves running around and being free but that can also mean danger if his or her surroundings aren’t clean. Keeping your house and yard free of dangerous objects that your dog might try to eat is also a plus in treating he or she well. A good way to make sure they stay safe is to place them in a dog kennel and have a Dog monitor place to have surveillance on them.
4) Exercise with your dog.
Allow your dog to exercise every day. If you have a high energy dog, be sure he or she gets plenty of exercise. Walk with your dog at least twice a day. This is especially important if your dog has to stay at home all day while you work. Dogs love going to dog parks where they get to run freely. this is also a great opportunity where you get to bring their special ball and play fetch. Take a walk on the beach with your Dog while you throw the Frisbee.
5) Stop Treating your Dog like a human.
Treating your Dog like a human causes behavioral problems because their basic needs of being happy little pups are ignored. So If you want to treat your dog good let him be a dog because a dog which is being humanized, is not given unlimited free time to do what they want. This results in the Dog being difficult to Handle making the environment uncomfortable.
And so this concludes the ” How to treat your Dog ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.
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