The Right Crates for your Dog
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A Dog’s Crate

When we hear the Words ” Dog Crate” as dog parents we tend to get scared. No one wants their dog bound in a Crate. I have some tips and advice on how it can be beneficial to both you and your Dog.
Training your Dog for his crate
Training your Dog is going to take time let’s say for about two to three weeks depending on the breed of your Dog. The first thing which I advise is to introduce your Dog to the crate, let your Dog maneuver around the crate, let your Dog take it’s time to identify the Crate.Your living room is a place in the house where’s most visited, Make Your Dog Love His Vetthis is the perfect spot to place the dog’s crate. After placing the crate here comes the challenging part getting them to enter.
Introducing your dog to his crate

Introduce your dog to the crate, let your dog maneuver around it and letting your Dog identify it’s new headquarters. Now here’s the steps you should take in training; First start by encouraging your Dog to enter the crate. After a while of having your dog he starts to develop trust in you and he’s going to trust that you won’t endanger him by making him enter the crate, but if your Dog is not willing to then that’s okay he will eventually.

Toys and treats for the crate
Provide your Dog with toys and treats in the crate. Toys and treats are a essential way in getting your dog into the crate, simply tossing the toy in the crate helps him run after it, now make sure not to close the crate’s door after he receives the toy, it will have him wondering if ” Said toy ” was bate.
Routing time for the crate
Finally in the Crate, after the training is over and your Dog is comfortable, it’s time for him to sleep in his crate. Bare in mind that this may be his first time sleeping alone, because when they’re born they’re usually surrounded with their mom and siblings. When it’s time for you dog owner to go to bed here are tips you can use help him fall asleep quicker. Now your crate is in the living room and your in your PJ’s. Have your dog’s bowl of food and bowl of water ready as your trying to make him/her comfortable. Have your dog eat and drink while your near the crate, this creates a peace of mind for your dog. Now wait for your dog to fall asleep before leaving him in the crate. Practicing this routine will help make your dog more confident in sleeping on his own.
What crate should I use?
Depending on the breed and size of your Dog, You will have to shop around for the perfect fit. Make sure you view your options as there are different models of crates, to best suit you, your dog and your household, there are a wide variety of crate options to view them proceed below.
1) Wire dog crate 
2) Plastic dog crate
3) Soft dog crate
4) Heavy duty dog crate 
This concludes the ” A Dog’s crate ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.
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