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Best Repellents For Your Dog

While fur provides a certain level of protection to dogs against mosquito and other insect bites, dogs still get bitten. An insect bite is not only bothersome – it also exposes dogs to potential diseases like heart-worm. As a responsible dog owner, know what you can do to prevent these insects from getting near your dog’s coat and prevent any possible health problem.

1) Do not use ( CAUTION ) 

Deet is quite an effective insect repellant ingredient that humans use. However, this is not safe for dog or animal use. Deet is a toxic chemical, which could lead to poisoning when licked and ingested at high dosages.

If you think that your dog ingested deet, observe if it is drooling, vomiting, wobbly, has seizures, and has a loss of appetite. Contact your vet immediately so your dog will be provided with the proper treatment.

2) Use

Bayer Animal Health’s K9 Advantix II is an effective parasite and insect repellant for dogs. Dog’s essential Care This kills ticks, fleas, and repels mosquitos and flies too. This product can last for up to 30 days.

Note, however, that this product has permethrin, which is highly poisonous to cats. If you have both cats and dogs, keep them separated until the K9 Advantix II has completely dried. Seek veterinary treatment immediately if your cat ingested this product. Do not allow your dog to swim within 48 hours after application since this is harmful to aquatic life too.

There are also other natural insect-based sprays that you can find online and in pet stores today. You just have to identify the insect that you want to repel and confirm with your vet which product is safe and appropriate to use. Be extra careful if your dog is still very young or already very old.

3) Is it safe to use Skin-So-Soft on your dog?

Many bring this product up as a safe alternative to deet for humans and pets alike. However, research shows that Skin-So-Soft does not repel insects – it traps them in the oily film instead. The effectiveness and duration of SSS are also often debated. While this does not have any known toxicity reports for both humans and pets, still use this with caution.

4) Garlic, essential oils, and other natural insect repellents

Many of these natural ingredients are actually ineffective in repelling insects. Use them with caution too since some of them can be toxic to pets, like garlic.

5) Face screen

For your dog, whose face and ears are usually targeted by insects, try using a face bonnet or face screen. This doesn’t only keep the insects away from your dog’s face; it also keeps foxtails from entering your dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth too.

6) The guaranteed way to avoid insect bites

The most effective way to avoid insect bites is to keep your dog indoors when insects are most active. This lessens your dog’s exposure to them, and, therefore, lowers the chances of insect bite too. Mosquitoes are usually active during early morning and evening. Flies, on the other hand, are active the entire day.

And so this concludes the ” Insect repellent for your Dog ” post. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to browse the website for all your Dog’s needs.

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