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Dogs have provided men great service like no other ever since their domestication. Dogs were used to herd cattle, sheep and other livestock. They also served as watchdogs, which prove to be very useful in protecting properties.  Pit Bull Attacks Man Attempting To Rape Her Owner

Today, with all the modern technology available, they are no longer used as farmhands. Instead, they have more important work to do. Dogs of today are used as military and police dogs, search and rescue, and service dogs for people with a disability or injured war vets.  Brave Dog Saves Kids And Babysitter From Blazing Apartment Fire

Police dogs have provided incredible service in catching contrabands as well as bad guys. When a police officer works closely with a dog, a strong bond is built. This is the story of a K-9 police dog named Bruno and Officer RJ Young of the Anaheim Police Department.

While they were responding to a call, Bruno was brutally shot in the head by the armed suspect. It was a miracle that Bruno made it. Officer Young was horrified with what he just witnessed. Brave Bruno never let out even a whimper; instead, he snuggled to his partner looking for comfort.      Bradley Cooper’s Dog, Charlie, Stars in His First Ever Directorial Movie

Officer Young immediately alerted the rest of the police force as to what happened. Poor Bruno was rushed to an emergency hospital for animals. The city streets were blocked to allow easy access. But Officer Young knew they need a miracle to help Bruno survived the gunshot wound.  Healing your Dog after abuse

Fortunately, Bruno survived. The bullet miraculously missed the heart and was lodged in Bruno’s lung instead. His jaw, where the bullet entered, is also healing nicely. Watch the interview below for the full story.


You can see that Officer Young along with his wife Rachel were there with Bruno all the way through. You can see the love and respect the officer has for his brave partner.

Faithful Dogs Wait By Hospital’s Entrance For Their Friend’s Return

What an incredible friendship. Bruno surely has found a great friend in Officer Young and vice versa.

Source ABC News via YouTube


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