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This poor little dog was spotted by someone hiding under a very heavy propane cabinet and decided to send the Hope For Paws organization a text message so that they could rescue the poor creature. In addition to giving them the address of the gas station where he saw the dog, he also in sent a photo, which helped speed up the process of the search. When they arrived in the neighborhood, they found the dog still hiding under the propane cabinet, and from the looks of it, he wasn’t going to be moving anytime soon.

Not wanting to risk frightening the dog into running off into the traffic, Eldad and Loreta worked to secure the area first by surrounding the cabinet with the plastic fences that they had brought with them. Fastening the snare around his neck was simple enough, despite the narrow space in which he had crawled, but because it was so tight, they couldn’t just pull him out of there without risking injury to the dog. She must have crawled under the cabinet during a time when it didn’t contain anything to make it heavy and then couldn’t get out after it had been loaded with propane canisters, effectively trapping him under the super heavy cabinet.

dog, white, maltese

To avoid causing the dog more discomfort, they decided to lift the cabinet using a long piece of metal while one of the rescuers pulled him out into safety, and that was when they realized that the dog was female. After she was extracted, they let her stay on the ground for a few more minutes so that she could take a break and start to relax after that horrifying ordeal. At the hospital, she was scanned for a microchip before she was given medical care and a warm bath, but they didn’t find any on her.

Because of her long lashes, they named her Sephora.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube

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