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Make your dog love his Vet 

With all the poking and other unpleasant things that happen during vet visits, it’s not surprising why many dogs dislike going to vets. Some dogs love visiting their vets though. You might be wondering how and why so here are some tips for your dog to enjoy his vet too.

Choose the right vet

Finding the right vet can be overwhelming. But if you take your time to research and consider your pet’s opinion, you’d surely find the best-suited vet for your dog. Make sure that the vet and the clinic’s staff are amazing and love interacting with your dog.

See if they are cheerful and friendly towards you and your dog. Observe if they genuinely like to get to know your pet and ensure that your dog is comfortable. If not, find another vet.

Practice your dog

Dogs, especially those that weren’t socialized well as puppies, don’t usually like being handled by strangers. This even gets worse when they are unfamiliar with the way they are handled. So, familiarize yourself with the basic vet examination procedures and try practicing them with your dog at home.

Once your dog gets used to being handled in an unusual way, it’s likely that he’d be more accepting when a stranger does it. Gradually introduce your dog to strangers too, like the vet and the clinic’s staff.

Social vet visits

Familiarize your dog with the vet and the clinic staff before he gets sick. Do this by visiting the vet just for your dog to socialize and look around the clinic. Pick a not-so-busy time for this social visit and ensure that your dog feels well.

Drive or walk your dog to the clinic. Don’t forget to reward your dog if he shows some excitement or even just composure while on your way. If your dog reacts positively, go inside the clinic and meet the staff. Avoid doing things that may overwhelm your dog and give him some treats for behaving well.

Make your dog’s first few visits short and sweet. Walk through the clinic’s lobby for about 10 seconds only. Later on, you might notice your dog wagging his tail as he approaches the clinic’s door. Then, schedule a basic examination appointment with the vet.

Give lots of treats

Most dogs love food so ensure that you have your dog’s favorite treats handy. Vets usually have delicious treats too in case their patient needs extra encouragement. Give your dog small amounts of treats, but ensure that it won’t be too much to cause an upset stomach.

Keep calm

Aside from the fact that dogs are naturally intuitive animals, you two share a close bond too so it’s easy for them to know your emotions. During your vet visits, keep calm even if you notice that your dog is anxious. If you get upset because of that, your dog will sense your feelings and will How to take care of your Dog, Health Food Part 2think that his nervousness has a valid reason.

Stay calm and cheerful during your vet visits. Avoid reinforcing your dog’s stress or fear by petting or comforting your nervous dog. Instead, act positively, maintain your composure, and ignore any fearful behavior.

Note that there are some dogs that have extreme anxiety. Medication may be needed for these dogs. If not, try asking help from a professional dog trainer or behaviorist. Another option is to find a vet who makes house visits.


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