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Birthdays are supposed to be the best day of the year for you. You celebrate with friends and family, enjoy some food, some drinks, and then rescue a drowning dog. Oh yeah, that part only applies to Gabriel Castellanos. Gabriel was celebrating his 38th birthday at a bar near the East River by the Brooklyn Barge when they heard a cry for help.

When they checked it out, it turns out a dog was spotted in the water, and it seems that it’s struggling to stay afloat. This is Harper; she was with a dog walker when her walker was hit by a car. She got so spooked that she ran off so fast where she was facing, and she ended up in the East River.

Believe what you wish to believe, but the idea that dogs are natural-born swimmers is actually a big misconception. Harper never swam in her life, but she was fighting to stay afloat. This is basically her survival instincts kicking in. Luckily for her, our birthday boy Gabriel was trained in water rescues. So he grabbed a life vest and leaped into action.

Harper was panicking so bad that she was actually swimming away from land. Meanwhile, Gabriel finds his spot, removes his pants, and jumps in. He swam towards Harper, and once he got to the pooch, she bit Gabriel’s face and hand! Gabriel didn’t care because he knew he couldn’t leave Harper alone.

Gabriel grabbed the pup by the collar and led her towards land, where bystanders took her. Gabriel was interviewed how he felt when Harper bit him. At first, he was upset because he was trying to save her life, but then he realized that the dog was understandably scared so he couldn’t really blame her. So he joked that Harper did him a favor by breaking his tooth as he is due for dental work anyway.

Credits: Inside Edition

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