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Noland, a motherless newborn Pit Bull, was abandoned just a day after he came into this world. The puppy barely held on to his life and looked as if he would not survive for another night.

Fortunately, Cleveland Animal Protective League animal rescuers were at the right place. When the volunteers found the little puppy in terrible shape, they did not hesitate to take him under their care.

The volunteers knew that Noland would not survive at such a young age without a mother who would care for him, so they brainstormed on how they could help the puppy. Then, a lightbulb moment came when the workers remembered their resident cat recently gave birth.

Although it is unusual for an animal to foster someone that is not theirs, the shelter staff gave Noland a chance to be cared for by the new mother cat. Lurlene recently gave birth to a litter of four adorable kittens.

Since the staff had no idea how Lurlene would react if they placed the orphaned puppy in her care, they watched how the mother cat would react. They held Noland up so Lurlene could give the puppy a good sniff, and luckily, she liked Noland and immediately licked him.

Lurlene welcomed Noland with open arms and paws. She considered Noland as if the puppy was her own and continuously cared for him.

Lurlene watched little Noland snuggled in close to her. She even let the orphaned pooch slept beside her kittens and slowly became protective of him.

Lurlene always kept a close eye on Noland each time the puppy’s foster mom feeds him. Lurlene made sure that no one would hurt Noland.

Thanks to the motherly love that Lurlene gave, Noland beat the odds. He survived and is continuously growing into the Pit Bull he was always meant to be.

Source: Annette Lawless via YouTube

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