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This video captured my eyes because it is something unique. The title alone gives you a kick: Mourning Dog. How does a dog mourn? How can it be mourning? And if it does, for whom? Is the story behind just like Hachiko? Also, there is this additional kicker: unlikely companion. So, there is another mourning animal that came up to the dog’s rescue? Then, you look at the image on the video, and you see a sad dog and a nice, white duck. Can you resist not to click the video’s play button for that?

The sad dog and the cheerful duckling

Well, I can’t pass up on these kinds of videos, so I did click the play button. And I do not regret ever doing that! Whether a dog lover or not, I’m pretty sure you will also love this video and will understand how the very many people who helped make it a viral story did.

Do animals really know how to mourn?

We all know that animals, especially dogs have very sensitive senses and are actually intelligent creatures. They can sometimes act and behave like people, which is why they have grown to be a favorite in domestic and military applications. Dogs are also useful around the house and even in agricultural and industrial settings. They can stand guard, labor, driver, and so much more in workplaces. They are indeed man’s best friend.

Do dogs actually feel and capable of loving, though? From the looks of the video and considering several encounters with dogs, it seems legit that these furry friends of ours can actually feel and grow affectionate to their owners. So if you have a dog, you know the answer to this. These furballs that we care of too much are most definitely capable of loving us back.

Source: You Should Know via Youtube

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