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Fifteen dogs who were rescued a few months ago from sickening conditions are now getting a second chance at a better life. Ten of them are puppies, so their rescuers hope they will soon forget the cruelty they experienced and have long, happy lives.

Last January, two General Patrol officers from the East District found themselves on Home Street on the West End of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They were following up an entirely unrelated issue at one of the houses.

When the pair passed by another residence, though, they stopped dead in their tracks. There was a strong odor wafting from it, and the officers couldn’t help but investigate its source.

When they got closer, they saw several dogs barking and crying by the window. As the animals were clearly in distress, the patrol officers sought help from Winnipeg Animal Services.

Upon entering the house, Animal Services officers found a total of 15 canines. Five were adults, while the rest were still puppies. The foul smell came from a buildup of the animals’ excretions — since they had nowhere else to go, they did their business inside the house.

What was more alarming, however, was that there was no food or water anywhere. The rescuers estimate that the dogs had been left to their own devices for one week to a month. In their desperation, they had started eating the walls and the furniture.

In fact, Animal Services found specks of drywall in the feces of one of the rescued canines in their care. Another puppy had an ulcer on one eye. Moreover, the adult dogs were suffering from ear infections and nails that had gotten too long.

The owner of the house was a 35-year-old woman named Crystal Marie Molloy. She has since been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Thankfully, the rescued dogs were adopted out just a month later. According to Leland Gordon, the chief operating officer of Winnipeg Animal Services, 14 have already found forever families.

The remaining one has been out of the shelter for a week with an interested party. Hence, the chances are good that this potential adopter will be keeping the pooch for good.

We’re hoping their new owners spoil all 15 dogs with lots of treats and cuddles. They deserve all of it and so much more, after all. Watch the canines before and after their adoption here:

Videos from the Home Street dogs while at Animal Services and from all of their new owners. Thanks to the owners for sending in videos! Let’s all work together in Manitoba to help both animals and people in our communities…Help animals:Report suspected animal cruelty or neglect: people:

Posted by Winnipeg Animal Services on Monday, February 11, 2019

Source: Winnipeg Animal Services on Facebook and Winnipeg Police Service on Facebook

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