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It is common for humans to try to emulate their idols especially celebrities and other famous persons on tv. Sometimes, people would go lengths in dressing up, acting and looking exactly like their favorite stars. But when it comes to animals, this behavior is probably amusing to the human eyes. Unless you have a pet dog, who loves to play with horses and mimics everything the horse does. A dog acting like a horse could be the funniest thing you’d see this day.  Dog With A Serious Physical Disability Is Such An Inspiration


In a Facebook post by Odd Couples, a video of a horse and a pet dog showed how these two queer animals could get along with each other.

Cami Jendregewski owns the 17 Hands Equestrian and her dog named Doug that grew up with the horses and thinks he is a horse too.

Doug would copy everything that horses do. He would eat hay, horse food, and even grass. He would spend his day staring at horses when they are inside their stalls. Doug loves to get involved with activities with the ponies. He even has a best friend horse named Nigel. The two are inseparable. Nigel is super gentle with Doug while Doug is Nigel’s comfort animal.  Stray Dog Finally Meets His New Family At A Wedding

Cami adopted Doug from Noelani who rescued him from the streets of California when he was still a puppy. Cami followed Doug’s story on Instagram and fell in love with him at first sight that she decided to adopt him immediately. Cami found out that Doug is a happy, active pup that never lets a day go without a laugh on your face. Doug can always find a way to put a smile on his owners face.

Cami vouched that adopting Doug was the best decision she has ever made even if her dog thinks and acts like he is one of the horses. Worried Dog Waits As His Buddy Spins In The Washer

Watch the funny dog here as he tries to copy his favorite animals – the horses.

Dog Acts Exactly Like A Horse

This dog copies everything a horse does 😂❤️

Posted by Odd Couples on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Source: Odd Couples via Facebook

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