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Pit bulls are considered vicious and violent dogs. This reputation precedes them since they are the main attraction in the illegal sports of pit bull fighting where two pit bulls strive to kill each other. But this common misconception about pit bulls can be debunked with many stories of gentle and heroic acts.

Angela Marcelino adopted Maya, a Pitbull when she was still three months old little pup from the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Years later, this very same dog would save her from an attacker who followed her to her home and strangled her.

On the early morning following Angela’s birthday, Different Types Of Dog Supplies she was coming home from a night’s celebration of her birthday. She noticed a shadow that was seemingly following her, so she hurried to her house. Upon opening the door, that was also the moment the man who followed her suddenly attacked her from behind pushing her inside the house. She screamed while the man tried to strangle her.

Maya came to see her owner being strangled. Angela noticed the dog and uttered a desperate “get him!” At that command, the loyal pit bull attacked the man biting his one hand. The attacker’s other hand was strangling Angela while his other hand was fighting off the pit bull. Angela grabbed the attacker on his groins as hard as she could. At this point, the man let go of Angela and pushed towards the door for an escape.

Angela called the police right away. The police were able to swab some blood tissues from Maya’s eyes believing it was the attacker’s blood. The police were able to trace the DNA to a man named Anthony Easley who was previously convicted for sexual felonies and robbery.

If it weren’t for Maya the Pitbull, Angela would have been raped or harmed severely in this incident.

Source: Pitbull Rescue Central

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