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Food is something that keeps a dog going. Give them a pack of snacks, and they would basically treat you as some sort of deity to be worshipped. Remy, a pit bull hailing from Ocala, Florida, is undoubtedly one of these pups who gets a little excited at the sight of food.

Remy is only three months old, but his appetite sure is as big as a grown pit bull. She lives with his owner, Tara Haro, who never lets this pup go hungry. She feeds her delightful snacks every once in a while, all while watching out for her weight.

Remy, on the other hand, doesn’t care about weight at all. What matters to her most is that the pooch gets the treats, and she gets them at all cost. Her owner even shared how the pit bull loves chasing after treats, even if it would exhaust all her energy!

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The lengths at which this pup would go to just to get a precious snack is just extremely hilarious. This was proven true when one day, Tara walked in on Remy struggling to get some scattered snack on top of a spinning chair. The scene was so hilarious that she couldn’t resist but record it.

In the short clip, Remy can be seen with her front paws up on the chair. She seemed to be trying to pull herself up on the seat to get the treats on the farther end of the chair. However, since the couch was made to spin, all her force only made the chair spin more.

Tara was silently laughing at her pooch’s battle with the spinning chair. If only her legs were long enough to climb up the sofa, then everything would go according to plan. Sadly, she needs a little more time to grow her legs.

She commends Remy for her utmost perseverance though! Watch her hilarious attempts here.

Courtesy of Caters Clips

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