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Luna, a mischievous pooch, accidentally pulled a prank on her family. No one expected that she would “borrow” Grandma’s dentures. Read on for the rest of the hilarious story.

A few months ago, Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé adopted Luna. They found her on the streets, and they just decided that they wanted to take her home. From then on, Luna became part of their family.

When Luna got comfortable enough around her new family, her parents let her meet Grandma. Luna and Grandma seemed to get along well immediately.

Later, Lima decided to leave Luna with Grandma for a couple of hours. She thought that Luna would be safe even when she’s not around because the pup has Grandma as company.

Unfortunately, Luna seemed to feel too comfortable around Grandma. So, when Grandma took her usual afternoon nap, Luna decided to explore her surroundings.

Grandma usually takes her fake teeth out before sleeping, and she placed it under the pillow. Little did she know, playful Luna was observing her.

When Grandma fell asleep, Luna grabbed the dentures and walked out of the room. When Grandma woke up, she noticed that her dentures were missing.

The whole family looked for hours, but they couldn’t find the fake teeth. When Lima returned, she immediately looked for Luna. She suspected that the mischievous pooch might have played with it.

When Lima found Luna, the pooch greeted her with a wide grin. She was wearing Grandma’s dentures! It was such a funny thing to see.

Luna looked so amused about what happened. She didn’t have any idea that she did something wrong. It took a while before Grandma successfully got her dentures back.

The whole family found the situation funny as well. Luna also gave everyone her adorable grin, so Lima and the rest of the family couldn’t help but forgive her actions.

Thank you to Dancing Paws Animal Wellness Center for this adorable story.

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