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When Emily Weedman went to work one day, a coworker of hers told her to check out the new rescue that has no front paws. Emily did, and she immediately knew she needed to bring Hanabi home as a foster. Hanabi was brought in by rescuers for medical treatment.

The rescuers found Hanabi inside a duffel bag and abandoned in the woods. The rescue was the start of Hanabi’s new life. That same night, Emily brought Hanabi home.

Emily knew that they needed to make sure that what she walks or runs on are soft, so they Emily improvised with carpets and blankets. Hanabi would jump from the carpet to the bed. Because of its softness, the bed became Hanabi’s spot up until this day.

The family has also brought her sock to wear whenever she is outside to protect her paws. She has found a foster family that dearly cares for her. She has also formed a bond with Emily’s sons.

The two boys are her favorite playmates as she enjoys playing fetch with them. The boys keep her going, and that’s why she loves them so much. The family has brought Hanabi so much joy, and in return, Hanabi has taught them a life lesson.

She taught them that there is no reason to be angry no matter what you have been through. One should only focus on the good things and not the bad as this helps one move forward in life. Because of the excellent relationship that was built between Hanabi and Emily’s family, the fostering failed.

The Weedmans officially adopted Hanabi and made her a part of their home. Hanabi finally found a family who accepts her for what she has and for what she lacks. She is one lucky dog. But according to Emily, they are the lucky ones.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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