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Dr. Lavigne was the doctor in charge when he met with a very concerned mom and her puppy. Luna, the puppy, is playful and energetic.

Like any regular puppy, she enjoys playing and having fun. When it comes to her diet, she has a good appetite and drinks lots of water. The reason that her mother brought her in was that she noticed Luna’s urine was colored pink.

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When a dog has reddish or pinkish urine, this means that there is presence of blood. This is usually an indication of urinary tract infection or an infection in the bladder. This condition is not uncommon for puppies.

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To confirm the doctor’s suspicions, he would have to get a urine sample and perform an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, the doctor found out that there was a stone in the puppy’s bladder.

A bladder stone in a puppy as young as Luna is quite rare. The condition could be a result of the urinary tract infection or UTI. Luna needed to undergo surgery to have the stone removed.

Removing the stone would make urinating much easier for her. Luna’s mom was informed of the whole situation and what needed to be done. She agreed to let Luna go through the surgery.

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Any surgery has repercussions, and this worried Luna’s mom. She does not want anything bad to happen to Luna. The way the mother reacted about Luna’s situation showed how much she loves her dog. She was crying for Luna.

The operation went smoothly, and Luna was recovering well. After a few weeks in the clinic, Luna was ready to go home with her mother. The doctor would put Luna on a special diet to make sure stones will not develop any further.

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The mother did well in bringing her dog to the vet when she noticed her pet’s urine. A dog may look and act healthy, but there could be things that need to be checked internally. It’s better to have every pet checked by the vet.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube

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