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Marc Wisselo and Zita Butler from Amsterdam own a golden retriever named Barley. A week before the pup officially became part of the family, the couple saw stuffed golden retrievers in IKEA. Thinking how nice it’d be to have a mini-me as a welcome gift to their fur baby, they bought one and gave it to Barley.

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The stuffed toy, who they named Fluffy, has since become an essential part of Barley’s life. No matter what Barley does, he does it with Fluffy. According to the couple, Barley and Fluffy would chill together, sleep next to each other, and even pee together.

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Fluffy takes part in Barley’s bigger adventures too. It goes with Barley on their family holidays. They both have been to Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Barley has lived such a happy life until, recently, he was taken to the vet for him to get neutered. He came home completely miserable wearing his cone of shame. Barley was not his usual cheerful self. This made Marc and Zita feel bad.

So, Barley’s mom and dad came up with a brilliant idea. Since Barley does everything with Fluffy, why not let it wear the cone of shame too? And their plan worked. Seeing Fluffy with the cone improved Barley’s mood. Marc and Zita said that Barley was looking after Fluffy and it was the sweetest thing that they have seen.


Now, the besties have fully recovered and are back to their usual playful selves. Fluffy saved Barley from weeklong suffering. Indeed, it plays a huge part in Barley’s life.

So, the couple made sure to keep a backup Fluffy in case they lose the first one. They are also planning to stock up a few more in case the manufacturer discontinued the line. Otherwise, Barley would get very upset.

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