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Bandit was a senior dog who had been scheduled for termination at a high-kill shelter due to his age and a large tumor on his left leg at the back, as well as a deep, infected wound on his neck. They probably figured that with his advanced age, he wouldn’t last long enough to enjoy the benefit of being rid of his tumor and injury, hence the scheduling of the termination. The members of the Howl Of A Dog organization took one look at him and knew that they couldn’t let him die, that they had to take him home with them.

And with that, Bandit was removed from the shelter where he had been awaiting his execution and was transferred to a hospital where he was cleaned and given medication to stabilize his condition and to prepare for surgery. When it became clear that he was strong enough to have an operation and that his chances of survival were more than acceptable, the tumor was removed, and the wound on his neck was stitched closed. It was going to take a while before Bandit made a full recovery, but his new family at the Howl Of A Dog organization was committed to helping him every step of the way.

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Weeks after his surgery, Bandit had become the picture of a very healthy, very happy, and very affectionate dog, even if he was starting to get on in years. His new family couldn’t get enough of him, and he would spend hours and hours in their company, loved and well taken care of. He probably wouldn’t have that long left to live, but at least everyone could have the comfort of knowing that he would spend the rest of his life with a loving family of comfortable means.

Here’s to hoping that more dogs’ lives are changed the way his life did.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube

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