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If someone is asked to describe dogs, there are certainly a variety of kind adjectives that can be used to refer to them. Dogs are usually the most preferred pet compared to other animals. Most people would agree that dogs are fantastic; they are generally amiable, sweet, and loyal.

Amazingly, dogs do not limit themselves to doing good deeds just to their humans. Most of them are also kind and caring to other people even strangers. They are indeed very affectionate animals, which explain why there are some of them who are tapped to serve in the military as members of the K-9 unit. Some of them serve the community as service dogs rendering service at schools, orphanages, and hospitals.

A perfect example is Baxter, a 19-year-old service dog who used to work in a hospital in San Diego. He has developed extreme attachment and love to humans that he finds comfort in dealing with people. Many people can only say good things about Baxter. Most of them, especially the ones who stayed in the hospital, have fond memories of the sweet dog.

At his old age, nothing can stop Baxter from helping people. He is very old, weak, disabled, and dying but during the last hours of his life, he decided to fulfill his duty as a service dog still. He found time to visit old and dying people in their hospital rooms.

Not long after he visited old patients in the hospital, Baxter was peacefully put to sleep until he died. People who had the chance to work with him were very thankful that they got the opportunity to work with him. They were impressed with the passion that Baxter showed towards helping others who are in need. They want him to serve as an inspiration to people that helping others is a fulfilling job.

Watch the video below:

Video source: PakoChile via YouTube

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