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Shauna Darcy has a lot of health issues, and if it weren’t for her service dog, Ruby, things might probably turn out differently. Ruby alerts Shauna of issues that she isn’t even aware of, ultimately saving her life during a precarious moment.

Ruby the service dog

Ruby is an American Staffordshire service dog. She started her service dog training when she was just a small puppy. When Ruby turned two years old, Shauna took her in. Ruby’s primary tasks were to help her mom deal with anxiety, depression, and fear of the crowds. Healthy Vegetarian Food for Dog Care

But Ruby proved she can do more than that. Shauna started noticing Ruby acting weird and funny when there are changes in her heart rate. Knowing that Ruby is a smart and dependable dog, Shauna went to the doctor to get herself checked. That’s when Shauna learned that she has a rare heart condition called the vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

I got your back, mom

Ruby has since trained on picking up clues on changes in Shauna’s health. The dog knew her human’s heart rate changed, and she would quickly alert her mom by giving her the paw or getting her mom’s attention in other ways.

Shauna’s health condition also made her susceptible to fainting. Fortunately, Ruby was also trained to act in these circumstances. Ruby would get herself on top of her Shauna and apply pressure all over her mom’s body. Ruby would then lick Shauna on the hands and face until her mom becomes conscious.

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Over time, Ruby’s senses were so heightened when there are particular changes in Shauna’s body. Recently, Ruby alerted her mom about something very serious. Knowing Ruby and her reactions, Shauna quickly called an ambulance. As it turns out, Shauna’s heart was going into atrial fibrillation. When the paramedics arrived, Shauna has almost lost consciousness and was in a lot of pain.

But Ruby’s devotion to her human doesn’t end there. Shauna was wheeled into the hospital, and Ruby stuck by her all those times. The huge dog would even forcibly cramp herself on her mom’s hospital bed just to let Shauna know that Ruby was there, and she’s not going anywhere.

Indeed, Ruby and Shauna’s relationship runs deeper than that of a service dog and her human. They are best friends. They are family. And Ruby’s devotion is so remarkable that it will probably save her mom’s life many more times in the future.

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