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Kara was living in the streets — a stray who, on good days, relied heavily on the kindness of random people — and on bad days, avoided the wrath of others. With no one to shelter her or feed her, she was secured and taken off the streets, only to end up spending four years of her life in a cage, inside a public enclosure for dogs like her. The members of the Howl Of A Dog organization took one look at her and agreed that they needed to take her with them, for in that enclosure, she was simply waiting for the inevitable to come.

At the hospital, she was first given a warm bath to help her feel more relaxed, more inclined to do as her carers asked, and ready for the things that would follow. The next step was to treat the rashes that were all over her malnourished body, likely caused by infestations of fleas and ticks and sleeping on a dirty surface every night. The fur would grow back nicely soon enough, but first, they had to get rid of all the matted ones by cutting them, as they would only cause discomfort to her and probably hinder her recovery as well.

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While she was with Howl Of A Dog, Kara met her best friend Minnie, but they soon parted ways as Minnie was adopted by a family living in Los Angeles. Once again, she only had her carers to share wonderful moments with, which probably wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t gotten so attached to Minnie. Nevertheless, Kara wasn’t one to be held back by anything, not after she’d made such progress.

The worst was over, and even if it took a long time to find her own forever home, for the time being, she had one with Howl Of A Dog.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube


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